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    Ask Locals is a worldwide community of locals who can answer questions about their cities. Become a Local and help others to discover your city from the eyes of locals and earn exclusive benefits.

Become a local

As a local you know all of your cities hotspots: whether fancy Italian restaurant with celebrity factor, the best cafe for a hangover breakfast or rustic Brauhaus for schnitzel. You are helping other members of the world to discover your city from the eyes of a true locals. We connect you with questioner ends and reward you for answering questions.
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As a Local i can show visitors my “New York” and help them to find hotspots away from the tourist track. New York has much more to offer than the Time Square or the Statue of liberty

Tugce, Local of New York

In Berlin almost every day opens a new restaurant. Food is one of my greatest passions. By Ask Locals I can give my visitors insider tips for the Berlin restaurant scene.

Chris, Local of Berlin

Earn credits

Ask Locals reward you, if you are active as a local. You register as a Local, answering questions about your hometown and help travelers with tips & Insertipps - we reward you with Creidts. You can redeem the credits gathered and as for online stores buy vouchers for restaurants near you or vouchers.
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    You can use Ask Locals anonymously, but you can ask any questions, answer questions and receive therefore do not collect credits.
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    Ask the community

    Put your question in your destination city. We connect you to the locals, which you will answer the question. Should there be a similar question in the city already, we suggest you this option once in response.
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    Answer as a local

    We will notify you when new questions that you can answer. If you answer the question have at hand, can quickly and easily respond to. We reward you with credits for a good answer.